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GPHC is looking forward to the future of our small groups. As you well know, everything went on hold during the past several months of dealing with Covid-19. The political scene exploded, jobs and lifestyles failed, stress and depression rose, and chaos became the new normal. Times like these are when we need to gather in our small groups, pray for the needs of the day, and encourage one another with the fact that we are not facing these times alone. 

It is for this reason that leadership at GPHC is currently working to restructure our small group work and offer times of gathering and friendship through Zoom, blogging and vlogging, along with occasional face to face meeting. We are looking to structure a prayer team and prayer chain to handle the "hotline" issues that arise. We are also looking to structure some teaching for both children and adult ages through video lessons that can be viewed on our website at any time.

We ask for you prayers and your ideas, too, as we pursue this venture.

Keep checking back for more information on times and schedules for things to come over the next few months.