When: Small Group takes place on Sunday mornings at 9:45 AM.

Where: Small Group is held in the educational wing of GPHC.

What: Small Group is designed to be a relaxed environment where people learn together. Various topics, ranging from basic Bible teachings, to financial planning, to relational health, and more, provide a great opportunity to learn Biblical truths that are easily applied to life in modern times. 


Have you ever wanted to attend Small Group on Sunday but had no idea what to do with your children? Problem solved! The Branch Community has designed the perfect plan for you - PRECHURCH. Prechurch is a weekly mini-camp styled activity that corresponds with Small Group times. Themes change each month, and kids learn basic skills in things like art, sports, cooking, music, and exercise. Periodic tutoring sessions will aslo be available for children that may be struggling with a particular subject. Our Aftershock Teens, along with adult supervision, are volunteering their time and talents to host each camp. In addition, nursery services are available for children age 3 and under.

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