When: Shockwave meets on Sunday mornings during worship service.

Where: Shockwave meets in the youth building @ GPHC.

What: Shockwave is our middle school ministry to students 8-12 years of age. These kids have a blast learning about what Christ has in store for them, and spreading His Word themselves! 

Our vision for our student ministries is to provide the groundwork that is necessary for each student to mature and progress into adult life. Our aim is to fully prepare them to be a witness for Jesus Christ and assume their role as a maturing Christian in their home, church, and community (see 1 Timothy 4:12).  The goal of all student ministry is to celebrate God with students, communicate His love through friendships and social media, provide the foundation for every student to construct a mature Christian life, care for people and communities surrounding us, and connect the world to Jesus Christ through local and extended mission work.