• Pastor Barry

Times Like These

The year, 2020, left some people searching for hope and a reason to press on. Some gave up, while others found inspiration and a new course for life. While continuing to wrestle with the results of the present year, people are left with many decisions of how to start a new one. However, life altering change is actually more common than we would like to admit. The invention of cars and planes, the progression of computers and technology, laws controlling women's rights and desegregation of races, acts of war and terrorism are just a few of the ways that life has changed course in an instant.

Today, I challenge you to look back more than two thousand years ago and remember another time of instant change. It was the birth of Jesus Christ. His birth caused the religious to face the futility of their rituals, while causing the non-religious to face their need of God. His birth, life, death, and resurrection are still causing people to face the challenge of change and redirection.

If you are faced with how to start the coming year, reflect on the things that Jesus taught his disciples about life. The Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John) are a great place to begin hearing, processing, and responding to his teaching. Remember, life will continue to change. Christian values will help you find stability in the unstable times.

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