Paul wrote about one God with power and ability to accomplish infinitely more than people can ask or even imagine. This is exactly what God is doing for the future of his church. Pray about our place, our work, and our inspiration to others during these unique times. Thank God for his favor and prepare your heart to respond to his plan.


A special thanks goes out to everyone that helps to keep our facilities clean. If you would like to volunteer and assist the cleaning team, then click the button below. Be sure to leave your name and the weekend you want us to save for you. 


We've faced some tough situations during my eight years as pastor here. However, each situation has revealed God's unique purpose and His unfailing provision for us. He is equally faithful during these current times of instability and political unrest. Remember, God is in control, and I am anxious to see what he does next.




Something on your mind? Questions about GPHC? Facing a situation that could benefit from biblical advice? I am here to assist you in any way that I can. If I don't know the answer, I'll help you find someone that does.