Investing your money in our ministry

Where does it go? How is it used? Who benefits?


Like any church, your financial gift is used to support the ongoing ministry of this church. To paint a picture of what that looks like, let's begin with leadership. Pastor Barry and his staff serve our church as volunteers and receive only $25.00 a week as compensation to cover work related expenses. The passion to reach others with God's Good News is what drives them.  Our board has worked to eliminate financial waste and decreased our administrative costs to less than one-third of what they were 10 years ago. Funds can now be used for outreach and ministry. For a small congregation in rural North Carolina, these are important items.

Through sacrifice, we now have the opportunity to live our values. 

Love completely, share unconditionally, and live honorably

In addition, the crisis of 2020 has refocused our ministry and opened new opportunities to begin media-based ministry. It is God's continued provision through you and your gifts that help us to keep sharing his Good News. We simply say, "thank you" to each person for your support. It has truly been a year of miracles!   

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Reaching the world through you.

NOTE: GPHC is 501c3 certified. Your financial gift should be tax deductible if a tangible item is not received in return for your donation. Click "Email GPHC" and send us your name and address to receive your itemized annual donor report in January. If you need a receipt for your donation, simply request it in your email.