Through your faithfulness, God enables us to reach out in our local community and across the globe. We seek to bring stability to those in unstable environments through increased awareness and resources. We connect with other organizations that are capable of providing resources beyond our current capacity. In this way, we "complete" the work of preexisting organizations rather than "competing" against them. Search our site to learn more. 

The Branch Community builds partnerships with existing organizations and fosters growth in five areas. These five Life Growth Fields represent the Physical, Spiritual, Emotional, Intellectual, and Social parts of every human life and are separated into into four parts - Field Markers. From there, the Life Growth Journey, a process designed to measure and respond to individual requirements in every area, combines the increased awareness with a network of available resources and fuels one’s potential for Life Growth - living a stable life in an unstable environment. 

NOTE: If tangible items are not received in return for your gift, then your gift is tax deductible. Itemized annual reports are mailed to each donor on or before January 31st of each year. To ensure you receive your annual donors report, please select the "send GPHC my address" option when donating or click the "Email GPHC" button to send us your name and mailing address. Thank you again for helping us share God's selfless love with others. 

We encourage our online donors to create a PayPal account. All you will need is an active email address. Go to to create an account or select the create a PayPal account option during your donation process. Thank you for partnering with us in sharing hope, help, and love with others.  

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