Who we are:

Jesus declared himself to be the vine with you and I as the branches. He is our source. Equally important is the fact that both the vine and the branches identify as the same. In other words, you don't find ivy vines with cedar branches or oak leaves. Additionally, Jesus was clear about producing fruit; it only came as a result of being connected to him, the vine. To remain productive in our Christian faith, we should strive to live in a way that reflects the life, teachings, and actions of Jesus Christ. In so doing, we identify with him. 

Jesus also reached people in all aspects of life - physical, spiritual, emotional, intellectual, and social - and was productive in all areas. Through him, we find our identity, our life's objectives, and our source of ability and strength. We trust Christ to provide all that we need, so that we, in return, can share those qualities, resources, and the like with others.  It is similar to how a healthy grape vine grows grapes that are picked and eaten by people. The vine, the branches, the fruit, and the people form a complete package that that allows each part to identify its role, know its place in the process, and complete the work at hand - growing grapes that feed people. Being a Christian is truly that simple.

How we think:

What we believe:

The Bible is God’s word to us and is the supreme source of truth, Christian beliefs, and moral values. 


God is the creator and ruler of the universe. He has eternally existed as God through the unmatched unity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.


Jesus, the son of God, lived a sinless human life and offered himself as the perfect sacrifice for the wrongs of all people by dying on a cross. He rose from the dead after three days to demonstrate his power over death. He, then, ascended to Heaven and will one day return again to earth to establish his kingdom and grant his followers an eternal place in it. 

Salvation, is a term that refers to mending a broken relationship between a person and God.  It is God’s free gift to people. In other words, we can never earn salvation by self-improvement or good works. We are given salvation through God's love, his mercy, and his forgiveness. It's called grace - a place of undeserved privilege.

Sanctification is a process of growing in character and Christian maturity that produces a life filled with eternal significance. It is a God-led life of obedience that comes from a thankful heart. 


The Holy Spirit is co-equal with the Father and Son.  He is present in the world to make men aware of their need for Jesus. He provides the Christian with the ability to understand spiritual truth and live a life that honors God.  He provides every believer with spiritual gifts, and we seek to follow his leadership in using those gifts.


Eternal Life is the reward of a restored relationship with God. People were created to exist forever. We will either exist eternally separated from God because of our actions or eternally with God through our trust in his grace.

We are committed to being a team of people working together and centering our lives on the teachings and character of Jesus Christ. We accomplish our goal through:

1. Love completely. (Matthew 22:37-40)

2. Share unconditionally. (Matthew 10:7-8)

3. Live honorably. (Colossians 3:16-17)

Core Values: 

Our mission is to relate to Christ and share our experiences."


To Live and Lead in: